Our unique technology maintains the true aromatic treasures of fresh herbs, fruits and spices.
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The origin of our Organic ingredients and traditional farming methods is completely traceable.
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Our aromatic preparations may be diluted
up to 30 times
, to obtain a unique and genuine taste.
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Our concentrated infusions are
100 % ingredients, 0% additive.
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Rouages 100% natural concentrated infusions have maintained the original aromatic treasures of fresh herbs, fruit and spices to offer your products the naturality and authenticity expected by consumers.
Our unique technological process is certified Organic and justifies the origin of the ingredients selected for their quality.


Rouages, a first fund raising to insure the launch of its aromatic preparations…

Situated on Agropole, young innovative Rouages company from Agen (ex-Rouages) announces a levying of 341 K€ with Capitol Angels and Action Eco Invest-Sud.

This acquisition of a minority stake in its capital is going to allow the company to launch its 2 ranges to the national and international plans.
Born of the will to bring a revival in the world of the aromas, Natt... positions in qualitative alternative and differentiative with regard to the existing products of flavoring.

Natt... conceived a unique technological process which allows to maintain the faithful aromatic treasures of fresh herbs, fruits and spices.
Bio / NOP certified, this new concept of concentrated ingredients is natural 100 %, additive 0 % and allows the traceability of origin of the ingredients selected for their quality.

2 original ranges launched in the beginning of October, 2011, Natt... and Bio-Natt... for its organic equivalent, include each four families:
herbs and fresh spices, herbs and dry spices, teas, fruits and vegetables.

Natt... targets firstly sectors drinks, fresh products and dishes prepared, to allow to the food manufacturers products naturality and authenticity expected by consumers.

" Our aromatic infusions are in sync with the evolution towards the industrial customized convenience goods.
They allow not only a simplified labeling ( clean label) but also the demand of an origin... Natt... of the region from which  our ingredients arise! " Pierre Jannot, Founding manager of Natt... Company

Natt... sets up since 2007 an approach based on a committed vertical integration by contracts with local farmers, selected for the quality of their productions.

The possibility of justifying the origin of the plots of land opens new sources of inspiration for the food industrial manufacturers.
They can develop recipes more typified with pure lemon of Sicily and not a simple lemon, the fresh mint of Lot-et-Garonne, hibiscus of Egypt... and make represent the origin of raw materials on labels of their products.

The fund raising with Capitols Angels and Action Eco Invest-Sud has already allowed the creation of the brand Natt..., the Web site ( www.rouages-lixivia.com ) and the carrier communications tools of the values and the assets of the company.
Natt... is quickly going to accelerate its commercial and marketing efforts to appear in the international plan with strong ambitions of conquest of market shares.

The concept of the concentrated " Infusions authentic flavours  " of Natt... will be presented to the industrialists from October in shows Nat Expo in Paris from 15 till 17 October (stand G 121 hall 8), CFIA in Metz from 18 till 20 October (stand E25-Hall A) and FI Europe in Paris from November 29th till December 1st, 2011 (stand 3 D 80 hall 3).